General commercial litigation

  • Contractual or tortious actions between commercial partners (wrongful breach of negotiations, actions for damages for non-performance of contracts, wrongful termination of commercial relationships, forced performance of contracts, etc.)
  • Unfair competition (pre-trial actions for the research and seizure of evidence, proceedings for the quick interruption of unfair competition, actions in indemnification)
  • Debt recovery

Specific litigation

  • Litigation relating to the acquisition of companies and businesses as going concerns (enforcement of representation and warranty agreements, judicial cancellation of sales, enforcement of non-compete agreements)
  • Termination of commercial agents’ contracts
  • Product liability (defective products, latent defects)
  • Litigation in matters of advertisement (regulated advertising, false or misleading advertising, comparative advertising)

Intellectual property and information technologies litigation

  • Litigation before the judicial and administrative courts (INPI, EUIPO, AFNIC, OMPI) regarding trademark law and for the defence of distinctive signs of the company
  • Defence and protection of shape creations (design and model law and copyright)
  • Unfair competition and parasitism for the defence of identifiers and communication tools of the company
  • Litigation regarding breach of personality rights (image, name, etc.)